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Nothing’s More Empowering Than the Feeling of Belonging

When you belong
you feel comfort,
a sense that you’re home,
a powerful embrace
from the Universe.

A moving
striking chords
deep within your soul.

There is meaning here,
a connection
that seems
eternal somehow.

In this moment,
this time,
you’re completely present
as your presence unites
with the electricity of life.

There’s a hush,
a quietness
that’s familiar
and mysterious
at the same time.

Everything is alright here.
Everything was intended.
You own this moment.

As the pieces come together,
you sense the
unfulfilled potential
waiting patiently
all around you.

You are known and welcomed,

Valuable insider info without the invite ~ pretty rare!

Cepeda Express Team Isagenix Millionaires
Cepeda Express Team Isagenix Millionaires
Photo by author.

Network Marketing will never grow old as a side hustle. For those who treat it with the respect it deserves, the income can be quite lucrative.

New network marketing companies are popping up everywhere because by implementing a direct sales force, they greatly reduce their expenses, cutting out the middle man as well as most advertising.

You just can’t beat word-of-mouth marketing; people ultimately trust their friends way more than some random sales ad.

Before considering signing up with a network or multi-level marketing company, do your homework! …

When your mind tells you something, and your feelings conflict with that logic.

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I Give You This Peace with Love

I missed this lesson growing up. It should have been the first thing covered, but in my house, we didn’t talk about uncomfortable feelings. The energies of unsaid words danced all around us, emotional charges darting back and forth with palpable tension. Yet no one spoke of them.

Distraction was mastered; we all had our own way of struggling through the pain. We buried our hidden hurts, harboring them, jamming them down so that we could go about our daily lives appearing to be perfectly content. That’s what I learned.

It’s taken me years to uncover my secret for internal…

Extracted from my Bio on Kindle, where you can read my eBook: “6 Surefire Ways for Women Over 50 to Hit the Reset Button.” Follow my Instagram page for inspiring quotes and images: @judyjlutz

What’s the biggest challenge we all face in life? The one terrifying, paralyzing fear that everyone experiences (from an early age) but no one dares to talk about? Self-Doubt. My goal is to make the world a better place by helping YOU tap into your truly authentic self.

In order to set you up for the success you desire and deserve, I’d like to spend some…

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A poem for peace of mind.

I’m compelled to share an amazing experience

Just now, as it’s the beginning of my day and I’ve surrendered myself to the Universe, I turned to my deck of Angel Oracle Cards for guidance.

You see, when you’re in the midst of crisis, trauma and transformation, it’s the only thing you can do. You’ve realized you’re not in control any more, so you give yourself up to a greater power for relief.

Usually the message from the card I pull makes sense. This one didn’t. It said “You are a powerful Medium.”

Okay, so let’s roll with it…I’ve been tapping into my spiritual strength, why not seek…

Sensing the loving guidance that surrounds you.

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I have the luxury of sleeping in when I need to. The kids are adults, my husband works, and I’m home alone with our dog. She’s a bit demanding at times, but for the most part, we have the day to ourselves.

It’s during that early quiet time when I clear my chakras, pulling all negative energy away from my energetic field so I can breathe deeply and settle into a theta state. Yes, you can slow your brain waves by turning down the information rattling around in your brain as you relax deeply. …

Here’s how meditation helps us develop a higher connection.

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My day begins with heaviness. I wake up filled with pain, sometimes dread, sometimes fear, always with regret. There’s no reason for my sadness that I can touch on. I’m safe, although the unknown future lingers about when I stop to assess my true status. I know this status is as observed by the outside world, and my battle is within. There are opportunities everywhere, yet my heart isn’t in it.

I’m loved. I have friends even though I keep them at a distance. I’ve accomplished what I’ve set my mind to do. When I’m lost there’s a lack of…

Sharing my spiritual secrets.

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The secret to spirituality is dis-engaging with your mental and emotional urges. Your guidance comes from the Universe — more love than you could ever possibly imagine by yourself.

You must allow the bits and pieces to flow to you and let go of the need to interpret. Allow and follow the signs that catch your attention.

Turn down your analyzing brain. Relax the tension you hold in your body.

Feel the life force energy with every breath.

Seek out the pain and send it out of your energetic field so that it may disperse into the cosmic atmosphere, lighting…

“If you say you’ve never lied, you’re lying.”

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If you’re like me, you want the world to be a better place. What would be better than holding a new standard for all of society, to tell the truth?

It’s challenging because not only are most of us lying to others, but we’re regularly lying to ourselves.

I don’t mean big ugly lies, these obviously can damage all kinds of relationships. What I want to point out here is that we’ve gotten used to the “little white lies,” so much so it’s consistently unnoticed, even acceptable.

Perhaps we think we’re being kind, saving the feelings of someone we love.

Judy J Lutz

What’s the key to happiness? Becoming aware of your own self-worth, effectiveness and value in this world. Find Your True Self: The Art of Flowing Joy

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