Lessons From My Love/Hate Relationship With Facebook

You started out shamelessly subjecting innocent students to social scrutiny, and now you are everywhere. Kudos to those who’ve shunned the app, or have taken the time to walk away for a bit, refusing to get sucked in. It shows strength of character, but what are they missing?

Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads, Facebook Events, Facebook Challenges, Facebook Marketplace…

Friends and families depend on you for connection, checking their social media instead of picking up the phone for a status update. You’ve put a serious dent in productivity at the workplace, distracting those who could use a better work ethic. You are always there, waiting for us to succumb to your lure. Businesses who’ve learned to wield the effectiveness of your influence flood our feed with sponsored posts. As an online marketer I can tell you, it’s terrifying to know that I can easily stalk prospective clients, showing up in other mediums after I’ve tagged them with a Facebook pixel.

Leverage, an Ugly Word

Let's talk about the leverage you have over me and my fellow business owners. With your algorithm, you can absolutely control who sees my hard work. It takes creative genius to develop a following, and even though I may have something of value to share, only you can decide who sees it. Unless of course I pay you, and then I have access to your extensive database. For a price, I can show up multiple times over and over and over again, and as all seasoned salespeople know it takes seven touches before a customer makes a decision to buy. Have you been subjected to the ad that won’t go away?

It’s Not Scientific Law, but Someone Had an Idea

Who did that study? Oh yeah, Microsoft. The idea went viral. They stated the internet was shrinking our attention span, and that the length of time for which a person was able to hold a solid thought measured less than that of a goldfish, about 8 seconds. It seems like this would be right but how exactly do you measure that? According to Dan Milano, “It’s a load of carp.” Way to go, Dan! Yes, you can put something out there on Facebook and with enough people believing and sharing and talking about it, it becomes a well-known “truth.”

You Forced My Hand, Facebook

To be “seen” on your platform I now have to put myself out there on camera, LIVE. Luckily, my ideas are important, and I’m able to overcome my fear of what could possibly come out of my own mouth. Is that a thing? Fear of being awkward? Yep, it’s called Social Anxiety Disorder. You’ve seen plenty of Facebook Lives because that’s what Facebook wants. (They’re competing with YouTube.) I want to get my message in front of more people, so I have to play by your rules and cut a live video.

Here goes.

PS. Some of you may misinterpret this video and assume the objective was to introduce Network Marketing. You’re right, it was. However, I’ve evolved, and now I’m repurposing my old content, maneuvering through my personal life journey with deeper insight using this beautiful platform for writers. Thank you for visiting me here on Medium.

My Point

That video was what I “had to do” to beat the algorithm and be seen amongst all the noise on Facebook. I’m no longer in the business after devoting 8 years of research and building multiple websites. For many, it works beautifully. It’s basically a franchise of duplication without the risk or high investment cost. For me, it failed because according to my Human Design, I’m a Projector. Network Marketing works for about 9% of the population, the “Manifestors.” More on that later


Image credit: Canva



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Judy J Lutz

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