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What If Everything Was Going to be Okay?

What would you do?

Judy J Lutz
4 min readJun 19, 2021


by: Judy J Lutz

What if everything was going to be okay? This one simple thought has the power to extinguish your anxiety within seconds. If you can muster up the courage to believe in the best possible outcome, your positive mindset will change everything.

You’ll have more time.

When you’re relieved of your worries your time expands instantly, like a warm blanket of comfort wrapped around your shoulders. Deciding it’s no longer your problem means it’s all been taken care of. You’re free.

Imagine it’s the end of the movie, the crisis has passed, and the rescue squad’s arrived. You’re no longer responsible for saving the world. Great!

We hold onto our thoughts when they scare us. Our imagination takes off at the least little trigger, reminding us of the primitive fears we’ve buried deep in our core. What if we could just let them go? What would we do?

When your mind is free to relax, you start to look around. You realize it’s you who’s been creating a scenario that has no evidence. “Oh yeah, that’s not going to happen because everything’s going to be okay.”

Now what?

You’ll start to appreciate what’s in front of you.

Look around at the beauty in our world. Get out in nature. Bask in the miracle of life. Think about all the things that are going well, relatively speaking.

Make a mental list of what you have that others may envy. Did you notice them when you were focused on your worry? Probably not.

Remember the gifts the Universe has delivered to you in the past and expect that exactly what you need will unfold before you in the perfect time and form. Better than your limited mind could ever have expected.

Fill your heart with love and say thank you. Pet your cat. Give your dog a hug. Take in a deep breath and appreciate the fresh air filling your lungs. Stretch your body. Be grateful you are sentient. Listen to the birds singing. Feel the breeze across your face. Look at the stars. Taste something delicious.

You’ll allow yourself to be still.



Judy J Lutz

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